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no hard feelings. I also find the concept of GPL licenses tough to understand as I have seen some of my own work go the same route. However, I do believe one of the strong points of this type of licensing is that it actually helps get the word across.

In our case we tend to provide dutch support for wpmu & bp. If wpmudev would be in dutch we wouldn’t even have offered it as obviously the guys at wmpu do a much better job than we do giving support, except …. they don’t speak dutch at wpmudev, and although it’s hard to believe, some of our fellow countrymen don’t speak english.

We offer a service by translating, adapting, hosting and helping. This is costing us (lots of) time and money that we try to recover partly by charging a nominal fee, but guess what …..

WPMU and buddypress now has yet another foothold and another outlet in a far away country with a foreign language. I guess the GPL license is all about getting the word out and that’s what we’re doing !

p.s. Apart from the discussion above we are not oblivious to the ethical part of this story. If anyone can pose strong (well built) argument why we shouldn’t do what we do we have no problem seizing our services to reach out to a dutch audience. We are proud users of wpmu / bp and wouldn’t want to stand in the way of further development. Other than that … discussion closed and “zand erover”….

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