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Re: dynamically create new sets of profile fields

Boone Gorges


This could be done, but it would take some custom coding. Here’s how I would structure it.

1) Write some JS for the Edit Profile page that inserts a new set of fields based on user input (say, a button that says “Add another employer”). This wouldn’t really require any BP code in and of itself.

2) Hook a function to ‘xprofile_updated_profile’, which is a do_action hook called right after all of the xprofile fields are saved. Grab the $_POST data, and see if there are any items in that array for which no profile fields yet exist. Use xprofile_insert_field() to create the new fields (it might be like employer_2_employer_address – something that iterates nicely).

3) On the front end, you’ll want to make sure that not all of the employer groups are shown to each user on the edit profile screen. By default, each user sees each profile field. That means that if one person on your system listed ten employers, then everyone would see ten employer field groups when they went to edit their profile. You could do this in the profile edit template, by checking bp_get_the_profile_field_name() against a list of permitted field names.

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