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Re: E-mail domains blacklist doesn't work

I said I’d try and establish some test conditions to try and determine whether banned email domains were an issue in WP or BP, tests were not hugely conclusive sadly.

site running out of the box no modifications (WPMU / BP) – no anti spam measures in place. had been receiving ~ 10 -20 spam registrations daily (quantity of spam is governed to some extent by search engine ranking /prominence)

1/ Running WPMU 2.9.2 ALL BP plugins deactivated site open to user account registrations only.

24 hour period = no spam registrations at all – a surprising result!

2/ Conditions as above (1) but allowing blog to be registered

Start to receive spam signups – not many but only observed over a 6 hour period.

These do not match to any banned emails domains entered by me, so on the surface looks as though banned domains working BUT this is far from conclusive as they may simply not have attempted to.

3/ Activate BP 1.2.3 allow accounts and blogs to be registered.

Spam increases – not hugely though! of the 6- 8 received in a 12 hour period one is noted as having an email domain that matches to one entered in the banned domains list.

None of the above is that conclusive or useful sadly, it’s a difficult subject to run tests on. It does appear that BP probably does have some problem with the banned domain list, but then I get the impression that with each version / 1.2.3 spam issues feel as though they are lessening but others may not be experiencing that.

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