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Re: E-mail domains blacklist doesn't work

Not sure why this wasn’t in core! or why there’s been so much faffing around on this topic when your solution looks pretty straightforward!

An issue as I see it is to some extent nomenclature what is a ‘Domain’? is a domain ‘’ or ‘.com’ the answer ought to be that they both are or at least one is a TLD which to my minnd is still a ‘domain’

One possible fault with this issue appears to me to lie with the wording of the WP/MPMU – > WPMS options for limited and banned emails ; we have for Limited domains ‘ If you want to limit site registrations to certain domains. One domain per line. ‘ so I figure I’ll add .’com’ now the only registrations I will accept are from emails addresses residing in that domain space, but this doesn’t work and any email addies such as ‘joeuser’ are blocked. So ‘Limited email domains’ is just that limited to full domains and as such not greatly useful, there are many domains in existence how do I know which I want to allow, this limiting only suits something like a corporate environment where you definitely knew you only wanted registrations from your own domain or a limited few others.

Far far more useful would have been if this was a white list and allowed you to set TLDs and then perhaps further block specific domains within that TLD.

At the moment with your script I think there’s an issue? If you have set a domain in ‘limited’ then that will overrule a banned domain your script is voided, which may be fine under the circumstances.

Remove the ‘limited’ entry and your script appears to work fine, thanks for working a solution up; sadly though it’s a matter of hacking core files which isn’t good.

Can you add this as a Trac ticket patch/enhancement for 1.3 please then it may get added to core.

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