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Re: E-mail domains blacklist doesn't work



This has been a wordpress mu issue for a while off and on.. I discussed an idea about at mu forums:


I too have noticed that even putting domains in the block list seems to not stop future registrations. Here is a thought of mine.

MAYBE a spammer actually signs up 100 new accounts, and then only activates one a day. So even though we have added his domain to the ban list for signups, he still has 99 more that have been signed up, but not yet activated?

If this is the case I would like to see MU add core code that checks to see upon activation if the domain they originally used to signup has since been banned, and then prevent them from activating if it has.

Just a thought, not sure if this is the case – but it may be worth looking into.


It was suggested that I add this suggestion to the trac, ( )

but I really don’t know how to use that thing…

not sure that it is a buddypress specific issues, but I DO believe that the spammers are looking for buddypress phrases when compiling their lists of sites to hit…

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