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Re: Easy Way to Make Friends with Everyone?

Hey Paul. Thanks for weighing in.

Yes… I wonder about that as well. If we should all be friends of not. The specific case here is that with this community, we are all friends in real life and we all know each other in real life. And it’s a very important community. We are a volunteer organization that falls under the umbrella of the Provincial Emergency Management Office. So it may make sense for us to all be “connected”.

That said, BuddyPress already shows you activity from everyone and already show you all members in the membership directory. So that’s great. And having specific “friends” (as opposed to just everyone) adds another layer to the social context which could be useful. My issue mainly is that I cannot send group invites to non-friends. So we have committees which need to have certain members in them… and I can’t invite them because we’re not friends.

But maybe that’s just an education issue. We are only in “test drive” mode right now. When we officially launch and I sign everyone up… I will need to do some education on how to add friends, make groups, join groups, etc. Especially with this group… since many are not what you would call “computer savvy”. LOL.

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