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Re: Email Notificaition Not Working

Ok. I’ve fixed it.

The mailer checks the domain name used. I won’t exted on this issue.

To let our local mailserver work correctly, we can do it by changing the validate_user_signup() function.

This function is located in: /wp-signup.php file, check it at the line 267 or something similar.

We must tell wordpress to consider valid our mail domain name without restrictions.

This can be done by modifying the user account check line:

We must replace the sentence

if ( $errors->get_error_code() )


if ( $errors->get_error_code() && $_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’]!=“localhost.YOURDOMAINNAME” ).

Doing this, WP will accept any mail and user name if sent from our local domain.

Notice that WP won’t warn us about any registration error by doing this.

If you create by mistake an account, you can erase this sign up by editing the signup table in your wprss database using phpmyadmin.

I hope it can help anyone else.

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