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Re: Enterprise Buddypress

I’d say that BuddyPress is a ways away from being ready for enterprise. No privacy / security settings and no collaboration features or document management. Privacy is coming… but I imagine that collaboration features are a long way off. Altho’ there is an active thread currently about someone trying to wedge MediaWiki into BuddyPress groups. Which would help.

Yes, there are a TON of intranet solutions competing in the Enterprise space now. Basically Wiki’s and document management within a social context… rather than a document context. Much more engaging. Everyone is trying to create the winning “Facebook for Enterprise”. PB Works, Jive and SocialText are just a few. PB seems not to be in the same league. SocialText is ugly and awkward on a lot of levels. And it’s written in Perl for pete’s sake. I’m not sure how they got so much mindshare. Jive on the other hand is spectacular. Amazing application. Well worth the piles of cash they ask for it (to enterprise anyway).

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