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Re: Enterprise Buddypress

By document management I don’t mean something big and hairy like Stellent. I don’t think any Intranet would ever replace such a system not should it necessarily try. All I’m thinking is that in any kind of “Enterprise” solution, Groups should be able to do some level of collaboration on simple documents as well as offering basic downloads. How many times per day is the HR Department asked for a Benefits Claim Form for instance? So I’m just talking about commonly requested documents for employees. Not a massive database of Specs or Material Safety Data Sheets or what have you.

Another beneficial feature for enterprise would be the Jive concept of “Spaces”… which are nothing more than collections of groups. So your Head Office “Space” could have an IT Group, Service Desk Group, HR Group, etc.

But of course… depending on your needs… BuddyPress could work right now. “Enterprise” generally means decently sized corporations however… and in that space… privacy, security and some level of “document management” (as least having a small downloads area in each group) are essentials. Most of this is already in the BuddyPress roadmap. I think that in a few years… BuddyPress may well give products like Jive, Telligent, SocialText and other “Facebook for Enterprise” apps a run for their money.

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