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Re: error codes with 1.2



I too am getting this error, not on my main blog, but just one of my user blogs. I thought it could have been the theme, but my personal blog uses the same theme as this user.

I have ust moved my site over to a new domain, everthing is working great on the main blog. but on my user blogs I am running into a problem with comments – they have an error…

Warning: Missing argument 5 for bp_core_fetch_avatar_filter() in on line 345

The user blog with comment post is:

And my personal blog is(using same theme):

And the main blog is

So what has broken on this users theme? And what can I do to fix this? Wondering if I should just import that users db over again? (as i had to import the 3 user blogs separately to the main blog, as I think the main blog was a little bit corrupted as the old site had lots of problems)

Using most recent Buddypress 1.2.3 ?(get my numbers mixed up)and MU 2.9.2

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