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Re: Error with the “Recent Blog Posts” widget?

Hi to all, i will tell you my little experience with the subject.

First of all: How does the global tags blog work? Simple, when someone makes a post, WPMU triggers an event. Basically there is a plugin that is hooked to that event, and when the post is made, it copies the post to a TAG blog (typically “invisible” and with a modified template, i will try not to extend here). But it dupplicates the post in the tag blog, and when you wanna show a cool plugin with al the site tags, you add the standard WP tag function instantiating that blog.


Inspite that in the PHP code of buddypress tries to evaluate, reading the options of WPMU if the POST comes from the TAG BLOG, it fails, cause there is an environment problem there. $BP and $WP* does not bring the correct actual blog id from the Blog where the post was made (Tag blog) so it thinks it´s a new entry, so boom, it keeps on publishing, POST – HOOK – POST – HOOK etc… until the buffer makes a little BOOM!. And it stops.

What i did (i figured this problem the first time i installed buddypress) and maybe it´s not the best answer to your problem, is to use my own post indexer (i was using that plugin before for other reasons) so i took the HOOK of SAVED or PUBLISH i don´t remember and i am triggering the BP post record function directly from my plugin.

But the important thing is that, the BP code is perfect at that point, it tries to evaluate if the blog is the TAGS BLOG, but there´s a problem with the environment $BP or $WP**** at that point, so the BLOG_ID is messed.

Hope it helps Andy.


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