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Re: “escape” characters in Group forum posts

Burt Adsit


The above instructions on how to ‘solve’ the whacky chars and format stripping that is going on is just a stopgap solution really. We need to filter the text that goes into a post and that comes out of a post. We need to filter the text coming over and going to bbpress.

We need that. This stuff is in core and we shouldn’t be screwing with it like this. I’m gonna just create a ticket that outlines the problems with text i/o in and around bp, mu and bbpress.

The bbpress side of things needs some additional filtering. When stuff comes thru xmlrpc lots of things are escaped out and they are going directly to the db like that. Bad. Then when they come back out and get sent to bp, bp un-escapes them on this side. That leaves those of us who use bbpress as bbpress with trash in the db from the xmlrpc transport.

Gotta fix that too.

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