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Re: Ethics, Two-Facedness, BuddyPress Forums + the Theme…

Mike Pratt


Dude – You’ve been watching too many conspiracy theory movies lately. Let me try and put some of your questions to rest:

1. There is no group of insiders. Just folks who have been around since Andy started putting code in the repository. There is no conspiracy for those “in the know” to get guys like you to pay for stuff. We’re all here on our own dime. Some make money in WP/BP related endeavors but they are still here on these forums because it validates their skill set and they’re also good people.

2. You need to hang out at for awhile. It is what you get “out of the box” in BP. I don’t want to be to snarky here, but that fact is written all over the place. Not sure how you don’t know that. The theme at is (aside from being pretty outdated as far as BP goes) Andy’s own creation. He has not once said it is what you get with BP nor has he intimated that it would be available. Way back when, we asked him to make it available with no luck. O well, no big deal. You seem to think it’s his fault for not giving it to you? FYI, is not a typical BP install. Groups are barely used. Why do you have it in your head that it is?

3. No matter how much nice language you use, calling this community “two-faced” is not only a sure-fire way to make enemies but it’s a total falsehood. In fact, it’s an insult to all the volunteers who put in countless hours answering questions of people to lazy to read all the good info at their finger tips who’d rather just rehash the same basic stuff over and over. It’s a miracle we still get their awesome help.

SO here’s a few suggestions: Quit masking your contempt for this community in polite prose. Fill out your profile with links and such so you are more than just a username throwing barbs. Read the codex and all the great documentation and to what DJPaul, jjj and all the other selfless BP-asisters tell you.. Perhaps a thread like “I’m trying to replicate the forum functionality the way Andy does it here on, does anyone know how that’s done” might be way to start.

Good luck to you. We’re always here to help :-)

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