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Re: Events, Photo & Video Sharing – able to do with BP?



For photos there’s 2, BP Album+ and BP Gallery, which also does videos and audio, but isn’t free (I think USD 30 subscription fee?). It’s on the roadmap for BP Album+ as well, but am not sure if they have integrated videos yet.

For events there’re a few solutions, some paid, some free. There’s EventPress ( and Jet Event System (, which are free.

There’s an event calendar plugin for groups from the guys at which has a price tag attached (again, not sure, I think around USD 80 /month subscription fee?):

And then there’s my events plugin, Buddyvents. You can check it out on the test site:

It costs EUR 50 and comes with free support for as long as the version stays 1.x. We’re at 1.6 right now and are aiming for a 2.x release around May this year. Existing customers will get 50% off for v2.0.

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