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Re: Existing Theme, Buddypress Features



Hi again. :)

First, one important thing. In the first post I said that the left sidebar does not show anything at all. That is wrong. It shows “Who’s Online,” even if I have just 1 or 30 different widgets enabled in the administration-area.

When I remove the “Recent Blog Posts” widget from the center sidebar, then everything apperas as it should in the left sidebar.

I am using the latest versjon of WPMU, witch would be 2.6.3, and I am using the latest versjon of trunk.

The only changes I made to the theme, was chaning the site logo, witch originally say Buddypress.

I did install Buddypress a couple of days after WPMU was installed, but I can’t seem to understand that that would have anything to do with this Widget.

The problem occurs only when I am using the “Recent Blog Posts” widget in the center sidebar. You can see it all live on this test-site.:

If anyone har the opportunity to check if this is happening in your Buddypress-installation as well, that would be great.

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