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Re: Existing Theme, Buddypress Features




Actually, you’re right, as I now see with my latest attempt to install BP has gone relatively smoothly. I have a few issues, however, which maybe you or someone else can assist me with.

First issue: I have two existing members of my wpmu install, both on the main blog, and yet when I installed BP the links to their member pages will not work when I am logged in. The links are correct, in the sense that they point to the appropriate location (e.g url/members/admin/profile) but I get 404s every time. If I am logged out, however, I can find the member pages. Also, when I create a new user, the links work fine when logged in or out.

Second issue: When I created a new user, I made a comment on my site, and then went to check the “activity” stream to see if it showed up, but it doesn’t. Am I missing something? Isn’t this the sort of thing that should show up on activity page?

Thanks for the input!

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