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Re: Exporting and Importing Buddypress Content

Tony Zeoli


The issue at GoDaddy shared hosting is that only so much memory is allocated to WordPress or WP/BP. On shared hosting, you aren’t going to get the performance you would on dedicated for VPS. I experienced incredibly slow load times with just WP, never mind BP on GoDaddy. I would move to a WordPress friendly host, like MediaTemple, who’s Grid Service offers up to 100 MB of php memory. You’ll need more php memory than 1and1 or GoDaddy offers in their shared packages to run BuddyPress. I’m already crapping out with Memory errors on 1and1, who won’t allot more php memory on a shared account. I’m assuming the same for GoDaddy. I’ve now moved 5 clients off GoDaddy with WordPress sites due to slow load times. They claim you should use WP-SuperCache to serve cached pages, but even then, the first time any user loads a cached page, it takes 3 to 5 seconds. From page to page to page, you’re crawling. I may be incorrect in saying that every user would experience that issue, but it could be accurate too.

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