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Re: Extending BuddyPress Rate Forum Posts to rate blog posts


“Not really interested there are enough plugins that allow this already.”

Erm ok Name one? -(that keeps a centralised karma score)

“but please don’t ask money on this forum”

He has put it out as an option – I asked him to :o), to see if anyone else would be interested in taking this plugin on a step or two further than he had intended.

Honestly people just don’t get OS at all any more – the end result is free but the time put into it isn’t ever free sombody is either paying for it or spending it.

You’ll have to excuse me but that felt a bit like a typical freeloader comment of thanks for all you hard work, I’m not interested in it, but how dare you try to make a living.

We all use the hard work of others for free, many of us rarely contribute time, effort or money (I’m as guilty of this as anyone) but is it really necessary to post when you have nothing to add or gain? – that’s not in the spirit as far as I’m concerned.



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