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Re: Extending BuddyPress Rate Forum Posts to rate blog posts



I estimate the extension to the plugin will take between $600 to $900 to implement. However as features get added, the price will increase slightly. We can work out all that out as we get closer to doing it. And if it goes over budget, I’ll just keep coding till it’s done.

Probably the best way to vouch for pledges is to send 30% via paypal when I start, then another 30% when I reach a significant milestone, and then the remainder when it’s totally done. (or simpler, you could just send 50/50 for start/complete). I’m fine signing a simple contract if that is needed by anyone. However I’m a very honest trust worthy person (for whatever that’s worth!)

And like I pointed out above, I’m not doing this to look for work, I’ve got enough going on already. If any other competent developer wants to do the coding, by all means speak up, i can still manage things and someone else can code it. Heck, maybe someone just wants to code it for free!

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