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Re: Extending Featured Member Widget


Hi Jeff,

My only suggestion for improving the plugin would be to be able to automatically link in custom profile data from the widget itself. So you’d have an option to enter the name of a field and this would then display. Then you could display the user’s ‘about me’ section, their ‘website’ and, for example, a link to their Twitter feed, and it would automatically display all this info for whichever user you specify.

Using the code above it’s not difficult at all to manually alter the plugin to display the desired data, but obviously this isn’t future-proof.

I’m very happy with the plugin as it is at the moment, but then that’s because I’ve altered it myself. I’m sure others would like to see this functionality included.

What do you think? Would this be relatively simple to incorporate?

Maybe one more thing: if you want to link to the user’s Twitter Feed from the widget, it would be nice to be able to specify a thumbnail image to be the clickable link. So if you could have a box where you could input html around the inserted custom profile data, you could style it, make them into links, and add images and whatever else you want to. This one is probably much more complicated, but it would certainly be a cool feature!

Many thanks,


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