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Re: Extending login-search-bar to width of browser page?




I’m also using a large 23″ monitor, but I have not changed any of the widths in the CSS that you note in your message previous to the last message. Those are the values that come “in the box” in the default BuddyPress installation. But it’s clear that the designers of the website have changed theirs … I’ll try to make those changes and see if that makes a difference.

Isn’t there just a simple way of making this feature expandable to the width of whatever browser window my visitor may have? Like using a percentage size instead of a fixed pixel width? What if a 30″ monitor comes along and wishes to view it? :-)

(John James J … yes, I believe you are seeing what you say you are seeing, for sure! Maybe my problem is that I have too generous a browser window … but on the BuddyPress site this top bar expands to fit whatever size window I make in my monitor … but my own version of the theme doesn’t do this, nor does the “out of box” installation of BuddyPress … there is always a gap!)

Thanks for the code!


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