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Re: Extending Profiles



If you’re using the plugin I mentioned and you want to do exactly what you mentioned above, you could probably just add it into the SN arry in the plugin file, thus:

$social_networking_fields = array( // Enter the field ID of any field that prompts for the username to a social networking site, followed by the URL that must be appended to username to create a link to the user's profile on that site. Thus, since the URL for the profile of awesometwitteruser is, you should enter 'Twitter' => ''. Don't forget: 1) Leave out the 'http://', 2) Include the trailing slash (/) if needed to make a valid URL, and 3) to separate items with commas
'Twitter' =>'' ,
'Delicious ID' => '' ,
'YouTube ID ' => '' ,
'Flickr ID ' =>'' ,
'FriendFeed ID' => '',
'Facebook' => '',
'MySpace' => '',
// your site's Company Field
'Company' => ''


// You shouldn't need to touch anything below this line.

Of course I haven’t actually tried this myself. The alternative is to extend the plugin a little with a function that takes that company field and does whatever you want to do with it.

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