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Re: Extending WordPress Themes – Post Experiences



I did it with P2 and an Artisteer-theme. It’s pretty much finished.

Just integrated as per codex instructions (copied all the folders and some files from BP-theme).

1. I called for another CSS in the header instead of in the actuall css file. Had problems with the latter.

2. Didn’t register userbar/optionsbar. Integrated them into navbar or individual pages (all user settings was placed on “profile”). This wasn’t intended at first but was a great way of handling the horizontal space problem. P2 and my theme are intended for a width of about 900px. Without the vertical userbar/optionsbar you can make it fit into that small space.

3. I made all the content fit by handling the CSS item “content” with a good width and overflow.

4. This however made me have problems with the sidebar widgets that are hardcoded (please make them into widgets instead). I had to rip them out because they disturbed the layout.

5. Had to do some additional skinning and handle a fixed amount of categories for the forums.

I just love how components.css did a lot of the work. Thanks a lot Andy!

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