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Re: External and Group use of bbPress



+1 to having forum categories on a per group basis.

I already run a number of vb sites with hundreds of thousands of users and would love to someday bring that platform to wordpress/bp.

The problem is that my forums are huge (millions of posts) and without separation, it would be impossible using group forums.

I’d rather not have to create a separate group just to have a separate forum, as then I would end up with hundreds of groups (one forum I run has about a hundred or so subforums all are very active). That would only diminish the value of using groups imho.

I just don’t see the feasibility of doing it this way.

For instance, how in the world would you convert a site like forums over to bp groups?

Even with very fancy templating it would still not work properly

(Yes, I know, groups are really just uber powerful forum categories… for a lack of a better way of putting it)

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