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Re: External Blogs

Burt Adsit


I’ve been thinking about this also. I was planning on creating a group/personal blog component for bp. Andy convinced me that something like the project he talked me into would be more beneficial. I have plans to allow bpContents to have content types that are external to a bp/wpmu install.

bbPress topics are external to the install. bp group forums use xmlrpc to communicate with bbPress. It’s an external resource for bp. My plans are to create some standard content types that exist within the bp site such as blog posts, wp pages and the wp links table.

I always thought it was important to be able to relate external resources and treat them as if they were ‘just another resouce’. When I found out that the bp-bbpress communications mechanism was xmlrpc and exactly what that implied I jumped at learning and developing for that comm method.

Practically all blogs, no matter what type they are, have an xmlrpc interface. Gonna make it another content type in bpContents. It’ll provide the ability to get the external posts into bp, inside tags.

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