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@Peterverkooijen – thanks for posting your code

With regard to this thread as a whole, I would like to suggest that the moderators reconsider the practice of marking a feature request thread as resolved on the basis that someone says that they are going to make a plugin.

If we accept that the function of such threads is to make the community of developers aware that that user demand for certain features exists, that function is undermined if it appears that the demand has been met. This thread was marked as resolved three month ago on the basis that Nicola had kindly volunteered to convert Phlux0r’s existing code into a plugin. Like most of us, Nicola overestimated the amount of time he had available and the work was not done. This would not be problem except that marking the request as resolved causes other developers to presume that the request has been resolved.

I would like to suggest that moderators resist the temptation to mark threads as resolved before they have actually been resolved because, although it does give a good impression of progress, it leaves the actual need unaddressed, it leaves the request in limbo. It would be far better to leave it wide open and, even if someone says they have plans to write a plugin, encourage other developers to also apply themselves to the problem.

Alternatively, create another label, possibly something such as “Allocated”, to signal that a plugin is being worked on but, if after a month there is no sign of actual progress, open it up again.

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