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Re: External Blogs



Incredibly, I don’t think any of the main developers see this as an important feature; I made a similar request about a week ago, after Andy’s announcement about the upcoming non-MU version of BuddyPress (which will, absolutely, need to be able to list external blogs) but, apart from a short, interesting discussion, no-one seemed to agree that it was a vital feature:

Useful BP and non-MU BP feature: list outside blogs

My conclusion was that this is one of those situations in which the people in a position to introduce a feature haven’t yet realized how important it is – it isn’t yet an itch they feel the need to scratch.

But, yeah, it is one Hell of an omission, hopefully it will be introduced once the main guys have got their real-world BP communities running at full tilt and realize that most users will want to link to their main blogs.

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