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Re: Facebook Connect “page not found”



For what it’s worth, I ended up disabling Facebook connect as I approach site launch. It’s been characterized quite a few times as bare-bones, and it pretty much is. It works great for signups, but allows people to bypass filling out any profile fields, and accounts created using it cannot be logged-in-to once its been disabled (without a manual password reset by the admin).

I’d really (really!) love to see a more integrated, fully-featured version (and may end up putting it together myself eventually if nothing appears and I learn more about how the guts of BP work), one that integrates a little better with BP profiles and allows people to login ‘normally’ to accounts created with it if they want — I think it would be a great tool to smooth the already low speedbump to user account creation, but I got scared about what would happen if I start (as I hope) to get a lot of signups and it breaks in future.

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