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Re: Facebook-Like-Chat Plugin for Buddypress?



@Dfa327 and everyone else too,

Just thought I’d chime in here with some comments on buddypress-ajax-chat. I purchased the premium version a while back and had Dave install it on my original BP1.1.3 site and it worked flawlessly across the whole network.

I’ve now installed BP1.2 and only had to make a slight modification so the main chat would work. There’s no plugin-template in BP1.2. So simply copy-paste the one from BP1.1.3, add in the content & padder divs, add in the call for the sidebar and upload that file to your theme. It works beautifully.

There’s only one feature that I haven’t managed to get working yet: invite Username. “Username” is not recognized. I take this as an opportunity to dive in and learn a bit about how this stuff works. If I can debug it myself… hooray for me!

By the way, the shoutbox works just fine across all blogs of the network in BP1.2, although I haven’t had the opportunity to test it with multiple members ‘cuz I don’t have any yet ;-)

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