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Re: Facebook-Like-Chat Plugin for Buddypress?



So… I had bowob on my site which I still think is the most fastest and the one users most like. Its also the simplest to install: just activate the plugin sitewide and presto. It was however also the most expensive it costs 40 dollar per 150.000 loads. I think they need to change their pricing schema because that is really a) expensive b) confusing. The cost was mainly why I looked for another solution.

– arrowchat does not have a teamroom and no bp integration and as far as i can see its not out yet

– wibiya provides a nice toolbar but the login is a hassle to login via e.g. facebook and another via twitter, i want to have the user account from my own site

– i now have cometchat enabled but users find the “common chatroom” almost never. I currently have the problem that it keeps counting online users even when they are long gone

I have not tried webbychat yet maybe thats an idea to test that one also concerning the load. Bowob took abou 50% of my server resources when people where chatting happily away and basically cometchat does the same.

also notice that ALL of these even bowob which resides on another server take a huge load on your server. It pretty much does not matter which one you choose.

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