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Re: Facebook-Like-Chat Plugin for Buddypress?



I’m not sure what the demand for it would be as it’s very expensive, but I use

They sell 2 primary applications, a group chat system and an instant messenger service. I purchased the unlimited license on both products and had them totally integrated into my elgg platform. Needless to say it’s pretty amazing software and my users loved it. Especially the live audio/video chat, that was a huge hit.

Of course you really need a dedicated adobe flash comm server to run it properly. I still use the messenger program to this day and have thousands of users on at all times. It has never once crashed on me, and has become a great replacement for msn messenger for our family/friends.

I am seriously considering having this added as a bp plugin, however the company is from Japan, and to put it nicely, their english skills are lacking. It took months of back and forth before they understood what I wanted with the elgg install. If I do get it ported to bp, this time I will probably just hire the job out to someone who speaks english lol….

It is a very strong codebase, and there are sites with millions of users using this software, so it does expand via the multi-server edition. I never had a need to go beyond 3 servers, 1 of which was the flash comm server.

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