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Re: Facebook-Like-Chat Plugin for Buddypress?




It is more than possible to integrate 123flashchat with buddypress users and groups. It would be no different than what I had done with my elgg setup. Pretty much flashchat can hook into any users database so long as it contains the username/pass.

flashchat has the capability of having unlimited chat rooms (groups), so it would require a script to auto-generate a new chat room upon group creation. Then it’s simply a matter of tying the user system together.

When I get the time I will read through all the code in my elgg install, so that I can get a clear picture of how they integrated it for me. The language barrier was SO bad that I gave up on them and just kept sending trouble tickets until they got it all right.

The web-messenger also would tie in the same way. There is even a ‘facebook’ bar available for that. However messenger is more like msn messenger than a chat system. It’s one-on-one chat instead of multi-user. I still use that system every day, as do thousands of my members.

You are correct, there really is not a comparable product anywhere else. Yes, it is crazy expensive, but really worth it.

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