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Re: Facebook-Like-Chat Plugin for Buddypress?



I use realchat ( )on a couple of websites, and it is really solid – it’s not the cheapest thing out there, but it’s also not the most expensive.

Unfortunately there is no buddypress or wordpressmu integration, although there are free integration plugins for vbulletin, phpbb, drupal, and others. So I would think that a plugin developer could look at the code on this page:

and create a plugin that would allow logging in via wordpress/buddypress and show buddypress avatars – that would be awesome. In fact I would pay $100 for someone to make that a reality.

I am currently testing the flashchat script which is cheap – only $5 – on one server, wnd will be testing integration with phpbb and with wordpress to see how it works.

Someone wrote an integration script for it and wordpress 2,7 –

so I am thinking it may work – although the script has user roles from wordpress for user, moderators and admins – it says it does not pull the info for gender icons – If someone would modify that it would be awesome, as it is cheap.

I have looked into the ajaxchat, and it looks cool with the way it can integrate into buddypress, was that on I think? – But as I commented there, I am concerned about the ajax chat and server resources, and privacy issues. Not that I have had any issues with it, I just imagine with a lot of people using it at once it may start to hiccup since it relies on sql for messaging. I would love to here real world performance issues with it running 75 users at once on a shared server.

An integrated chat room would be awesome – wish I could help more with it!

(now back to my learning php for dummies book) sigh.

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