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Re: FaceBuddy free theme for BuddyPress



thanx Leventyilmaz.

1) I haven’t checked it yet, but FaceBuddy that was my first theme is only a graphical reskinning of Buddy Press (no hardcoding in no page), and so every issue with code i presume is an issue with BP. Maybe try with your default theme and tell me if it works. I remember that the updated version of FaceBuddy is based on the 1281 trunk.

2) i know..some people want them, and i hope to do something in the future for bbpress. Actually the simple remaking (and updating) of themes is a big work (making free themes isn’t a job, and so i can’t work from 9 to 5 to them), and i’ve never installed bbpress. My priority is creating new themes for BP, maybe when the official 1 version will be out i’ll start seeing bbpress but i can’t be sure for now.

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