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Re: FAQ: How To, Code Snippets and Solutions

Tim Nicholson


r-a-y, is there any way to get comments on blog and forum posts (in the BP activity pages) to actually add the comment to the WP blog post or as a reply to the forum post? This would be SO useful. The way it works now is that your user’s comments end up staying only within the BP activity stream and don’t get reflected on your actual main website (blog)! Disabling it prevents that, but also removes the convenience of user’s being able to comment globally from a single place on their BP activity stream pages.

I have to believe this *should* be a pretty easy plugin to develop (depending on how modular the WP and BP code is around this), but would much rather see this built into BP core. I already have a dozen WP plugins that I feel are essential for any blog and as I look to roll out BP, that’s going to add many more. I’m tapping out a dedicated server as it is and all these hooks and plugins and template tags and such require some seriously beefy hardware.

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