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Re: Favorites — expanding capabilities




In response to your points up top:


+1 Favorites sometimes = bookmarks in social networking sites. We need to be able to offer this across all types of communication features.


Theme developers need to be able to pull this info in with a loop. Maybe we can already?

3)What is the current state of Favorties plugin development, and is there something in the works that can accomplish the above?

There is the BuddyPress-Like plugin:

The problem with BP Like is that it now competes with Favorites built-in to BP 1.2. I need to be able to turn off Favorites so that BP Like isn’t confusing/repetitive.

But really, this is something should be rolled into core.


Forums, yes, were part of an older web community – it was the sole way they communicated. With the advent of social networking came the creation of new ways to communicate. Forums were given less focus but they still have there place. Even today in Facebook you can clearly identify forum-esque features.

I don’t think BP has ever focused on forums. It’s always been on the activity stream/wire. Of course, forum topics are now tied to the activity stream – as they should be – but does not in any way give BP a “schizophrenic” identity.

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