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Re: ‘Favourite’ content



Yeah I’m a UI developer (why I don’t currently know much PHP), and the idea of tonnes of icons everywhere was giving me a headache… But I would probably have it appear when you hover over the item, so hovering over a wire post would show a small icon on the top right of the post.

The problem I have with favourite-ing the entire page is that the content on that may change and the specific information you wanted to save might get lost. Permalinks for the items guarantees them being saved correctly.

This is actually part of a BP toolbox a site I’m developing needs; where each item on the site will have options to:

* save it as a favourite for later

* give it good/bad karma

* report the item to admins

Each function will be available through small icons which appear on hovering over the item.

The karma system will allow us to show top rated items on parts of the sites, in a ‘Popular Now’ section, as well as making it easier for site admins to choose featured content (users will basically be giving it to us). The moderation feature is also needed as the site I’m developing is for many international youth groups, so we need to be careful what content gets through the net.

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