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Re: Few Patches Uploaded to MU, and BB. You use them, I know you do.

Jason Giedymin


I forgot one more patch, and thats for BuddyPress.

I haven’t submitted it yet (i’m beat…)

When you have applied everything I’ve submitted above, you need to be in an HTTPS session to edit/submit anything.

For instance, after logging in and going to your activity list you will see the login form again. This is because the cookies set are secure cookies. If you were to go in your browser and change the scheme to https, you will see that buddypress will mark you as logged in and you can change whatever settings you need. This is what I was trying to achieve, complete HTTPS sessions for when it is flagged.

And also, thanks to R-A-Y for #979.

I think after 979 + this new patch, SSL will be complete for buddypress (famous last words)!

I have a feeling though a backpress update may be in order though..(me ranting)

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