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Re: Finding Files



I started to create a child theme for WP once, but I edit things so much I am a basically creating an entirely new theme anyways so I don’t even bother. I just duplicate the default theme folder so I’m not working completely from scratch, name the folder something different, and just go to town on it. A lot of files like the stylesheet and index page I just completely wipe out.

I had been up all night when I wrote this post, but I think what I was trying to ask was does buddypress not work the same way, where you have an actual file for each page? And instead dynamically generate each page out of scattered php? Is there not a page for activity? a page for forums? a page for groups? for the tabbed members page etc.

I thought it may be easier to just convert one of my pre-broken down sandbox themes from wordpress and just add some extra code here and there to make it buddypress’able so I know where everything is, but I guess the only documentation for that now is to just use that new plugin converter. But the first thing it told me to do was to start editing the html, which is the opposite of what I need, so I stopped. I also stopped because the files already had the two divs and id’s it said it needed but wasn’t doing anything, I don’t know if it was a wordpress 3 glitch or what.

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