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Re: Finding Files

If you state some specifics people here will be able to help and point you in the right direction At the moment all that can be said are a few generalities.

Essentially ‘things’ rely on functions and actions generally speaking you are able to cancel and call your own functions using a functions.php file in your root child theme folder. give a few specifics that you want to achieve for the adminbar and someone will show you how.

Child themes work on the principle of overriding existing parent theme files so if you remove the child theme files you should fall back to using the original parent files, so removing /activity in your child theme will not cause these pages to cease to render. Again state some specific items you are looking for and people will help you find them; although to some extent a little trial and error and perseverance is the order of the day, eventually the structure will begin to make sense, it isn’t really that hidden and convoluted for the most part.

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