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Re: Firefox and IE show different on home page



I tested my site with ie7 and ie8. I could not recreate the issue of the home page left column appearing below the middle and right column on my site (but I did observe this behavior with ie7 on No other issue mentioned above was observed on my site (except for the one noted below). As I mentioned, I did see this behavior on a public computer/kiosk using IE (given my comments below, it seems more likely that it was ie7).

You can see (or at least I can) a similar issue regarding the left column loading below the right column when using IE7 at (this site). Visit the ‘About’ and ‘Demo’ links (not the actual demo site). There are only 2 columns but the left appears under the right column with ie7.

The one issue I was able to recreate on my site was the floating submenu when using the WordPress Default 1.6 Blog Theme. No problem with ie8 but with ie7 the buddybar submenus under ‘My Account’ or ‘My Blogs’ float to the right. I logged into and created a blog with the default theme and found the same behavior when using ie7.

I don’t think my specific site offers any insight since the issues that can be recreated are evident on and (when logged in and using the default blog theme). I find it curious that others aren’t reporting this behavior as it should be easy to replicate.

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