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Re: First experiments and I already need help :(

@Xevo: Where is “maintenance mode”. Is that a plugin? Also… that would only work if you have a new domain of course (i.e. if you don’t already have an old site up at that domain which you plan on replacing)

@Andrea_r: Ya… when I suggested just switching the domain I was assuming that the only user would be the developer… that you’d just use the remote server for development, testing and content population. If you have a bunch of users in there (esp. if they are active) and then change the domain… lots of things would break after the switch… every single member profile link for starters.

I guess as far as the DB goes… it boils down to what content you need to migrate. If you migrate the whole DB from one URL to another… lots of stuff will go boom. But if you do a fresh install on the live URL and only export/import the tables with page/post content… you’d be pretty safe. Would be nice I suppose if some uber geek wrote some migration scripts. Ultimately… the easiest thing is… if you have a new site on a new domain… just develop/test/populate with it in maintenance mode.

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