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Re: first things first



Thanks for a detailed reply, David.

No, I am not using Mac.

Yes, I want the width to be 800px (in fact, less than that, to get rid off the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of my screen).

I was on a trial-and error spree at a testing site, and was able to found the differences you have mentioned and have reached the same conclusion.

“the difference between profile pages and other pages seems to be that profile pages have two left sidebars with a fixed width of 138px (#optionsbar and #userbar) while the other pages have a single right sidebar (#sidebar) without any width defined (i.e. 100%). Meanwhile, #main is used on all pages and has a min-width of 680px. So unless you change some CSS code… the profile pages will always be at least 956px wide.”

Yes I have tried the max/mini width in the base.css, making both 800px, and it works on the main page and the some other pages as well (that is, under the second horizontal menu). It should work (after all IE6 displays all pages in 800px).

I am not sure how atentive I was to #main. I must try it. I must say your reply has given me some hope and a better idea about things, but I will add that BP still has a bug. On itself you can see that: the header or admin bar is fixed at 800px; it can’t adjust its width with that of the rest of the site. It works well with Firefox if I use: #wp-admin-bar { width: 960px !important; } … but it should work automatically.

I am also testing Elgg; several adjustments are pretty easier there compared to BP, but I perfectly agree with you: “It has some features I need that BP currently lacks… but BP is clearly much superior otherwise”. in addition BP has a very pleasant, elegant look. This is why I want to stick with BP and spend hours on my WPMU site.


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