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Re: Fixing the sidebar

Hugo Ashmore


Copied those pasted files over as we have irritatingly crossed to a second page.

The first files two lines are the important ones notice the difference?

In the BP file you need to replace:






The end of the BP file now becomes:

In testing this rename your bp-file to something like index.php.bck and make a copy renamed to the valid file to work on this way it’s a simple reversion when it all goes wrong :) rename current file to index.php.borked and rename the .bck file back o index.php.

I’m afraid it’s likely not going to be as simple with all the pages as the theme you have chosen makes use of a framework (bad oh so bad yahoo!) style CSS which creates lots of non semantically named elements such as that span-16 and you may find a few of these on other pages however the main layout structure is governed by the #contentwrap and that will appear on all the theme pages so this change will need to be made in each BP file along with that span-16 element which I guess acts as a wrapper for the content to allow page content to come before sidebar content in which case they have chosen bad naming convensions :)

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