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Re: Fixing the sidebar

Hugo Ashmore


You should be looking for the BP files in your child theme directory, Step 1 should have copied over the necessary BP folders such as /activity along with amongst others index.php files if step one automated moving of these BP files didn’t work then step 2 would explain to move these files manually.

If those files are present then you need to open the main index file in the themes top level folder and also the index.php from the bp activity folder, comparing those you will see a difference in elements apparent and need to get the BP file to match the main themes index file and repeat for all other BP files as listed in the plugin guide page.

Not really sure that getting me to do this would be cost effective and end up costing rather a lot :)

If you postup the contents of those two files some kindly soul might do a quick reworking of the BP one to match the themes structure as an example for you to follow for the other files.

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