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Re: For Problems Or Broken Things With The Recent BuddyPress.Org Redesign

I’m having to echo all of the sentiments that were very well expressed by stwc a few posts up.

I’m especially worried by the activity stream now as I find it confusing and am not sure of it’s true worth?

Earlier in the thread (yes I refer to this as a thread in the classical sense) there was mention of lack of UI focus, it brought to mind the thread started by I think Mr Mazz? requesting feedback on API design, this thread was and is extremely arcane and esoteric and even makes the point of requesting that all but real programmers steer clear, and for acceptable reasons; however it prompts my feeling that emphatically BP and the project as a whole is simply far far too mid tier heavy, so far it feels that it’s all about the logic and less about the top tier or presentation layer (Frontend in web app terms) I think in order to determine best how BP does indeed work at a user level it is going to be essential to open real dialogue with people who have UI architecture experience who’s focus is on that presentation layer. I would vote for a companion thread to run alongside the API one dealing specifically with UI and user experience, better I would love to see the project balance out it’s developers and bring on board people to work on this aspect. It must be seen as an extremely critical aspect, you can develop the API ad infinitum but it means little if communities simply don’t jell due to users finding things too confusing.

Back to the site design or functionality are we going to have basic formatting for posts, or rather what is the formatting available, why can we not blockquote how do we add code formating? How have these aspects just managed to vanish?!

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