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Re: For Problems Or Broken Things With The Recent BuddyPress.Org Redesign

@Modemlooper @apeatling what if this forums activity situation could be fixed by not allowing one to post to their activity unless it is to only update there status profile only if that feature is enabled on the site. In this situation the activity stream could show everything i does not but would not confuse someone in thinking they are making a blog post or even a forum post. Each activity entry that is plugin enabled could have it’sown preset links to go to the group page for viewing or posting. I really like the idea of groups having all the options that buddypress has but I agree that it is confusing using groups with forums with the activity stream. Though this solution would alow the activity stream to be a real time site update page for all plugins/pages with in the wp/buddyress site that would also show data for all subsites with in mu or 3.0

I am one of the developers for and I have been following buddypress for sometime now as I would like to use it for our main site. When we started back in 04 we used phpbb2, then when to DragonflyCMS after we suffered a magor data loss due to an outage, and now we currently use phpbb3. We know we have limitations with phpbb3 and after I have been using WP along with buddpress I can really see the potential our site can have with our community. Though most of our community is accustom to forums rather than cms or now all that including a social networking layer….. I have peronally been able to weed though the nuances with the way buddypress deals with forums, blogs, and activity, though I feel if one would not be able to add content to the activity stream directly from the page it would ease the understanding on where one should be posting information. I personally see the activity stream being just that showing what is going on through out the whole site. If one wants to post they do it from the forums, if one wants to update a status they do it from thier profile and or group page they are an admin or mod too. and then anything that happens with in the site and update to profile, group, blog, and or any plugin should show in the activity stream for real time(with refreshes) viewing.

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