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Re: For Problems Or Broken Things With The Recent BuddyPress.Org Redesign


Personally, I and others find the site navigation and layout a nightmare to follow. Never sure quite what we’re looking at once we click something; tabs appear to change but it all looks the same, etc. Ie., am I in an ‘overall’ forum or a group forum? A plugin page or a forum page? A general activity stream or a help/plugin stream? Etc.

Most sites have better visual clues as to exactly what you’re looking at. The insipid colours might have something to do with it as well..? Thanks for the hard work, but something about the design and layout doesn’t work well for us.

Edit: Actually, this is helping us design our site, and most things which seem to be ‘features’ in BuddyPress have been ripped out because they badly confuse our test users. People need to know they’re in one place, looking at a particular thing, not ‘a forum’ which could be overall, for a group, for a plugin, for something unknown leaving you unsure what the heck you last clicked and having to go ‘Back’ yet again… If there has to be a forum and/or blog for everything in the kitchen sink, each needs *very* clear labelling and other visual clues.

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