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Re: For Problems Or Broken Things With The Recent BuddyPress.Org Redesign



If I understand what’s happening, the forums summaries blocks (for lack of a better description) in /support change their order based on where the most recent comments occurred. That’s kind of a useability nightmare, not knowing from visit to visit where things are going to be located on the page.

Edit: I’m not even sure what’s happening. My head’s a-spinnin’ trying to find stuff that was nearly muscle memory, having spent so much time on this site in the past.

I’m pleased that the site is using the latest BP, but man, it is really hard to find stuff you need to find. Harder — and I didn’t think this would be possible — that it was before, even. Patience, though, I know — presumably it will get better.

One thing that I think is really being pointed up here is how weak the forums component (the most useful component for us as developers/users of this site) is, and how much work can be done (through plugins, thus far, but that kind of makes the core look a bit weak if a dozen plugins are being used on the showcase site) to make the forums experience better.

That spotlight on places where there is room for improvement can’t be a bad thing, I hope, but it sure makes using the new site frustrating so far, and I’ve been working with BP for my own sites for almost a year, so I’m familiar with its quirks already. New users? I can’t help but think they’d be a little put off.

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