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Re: For Problems Or Broken Things With The Recent BuddyPress.Org Redesign



Peter I don’t know if you’ve noticed but there are 3 Core Developers working on BuddyPress and a huge bunch of other developers spending time on improving it.. This thread is about the redesign so why you need to bring up all this b.s is beyond my ability to comprehend.

About the redesign:

I’m trying my best to get used to it, I feel kinda lost.. It feels “wrong” to me, and I can’t put my finger on it.. While the old site/forum was simple, it gave me a quick overview of what happened when I was gone, and now I’m constantly getting the feeling that I’m missing something.. Like there’s stuff happening elsewhere (in the Activity stream etc) which I’m missing..

My suggestion would be use the power of the activity stream, and the group forums and make a layout were you split them in half.. The activity stream on the left, and the recent forum topics on the right.. this way you’ll get an complete overview of what happening from the “Community” section..

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